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Bonnie McDonell, FNP/PNP

I am a family and pediatric nurse practitioner working at Kaiser Permanente, Santa Rosa. In my practice, I work with lactating moms, teenagers, and overweight children.

What thrills me in the Motivating Change trainings is opening up new possibilities for other care providers. These skills provide ways to enhance patient outcomes and our own level of satisfaction with our work.

I enjoy reading, writing, hiking, and looking into the faces of newborns!

Daniel Lewis, MD

Bio to come…

Fayedra Matthes, MS

Promoting health and well-being in individuals and organizations is my work and my passion. It’s a life-long quest that gives me the opportunity to support others on their journey towards their highest and best health while we all learn and discover together.

In my work with Kaiser Permanente, I facilitate live synchronous online Healthy Weight and Prediabetes classes and I also facilitate Motivating Change in Groups. My professional background includes an extensive stint as Worksite Wellness program director for 5,000 employees, and as a teacher in the Health Science department at the community college level. I hold a Masters of Science Degree in Health Education.

In my personal life, I find connection through singing in an amazing community choir and enjoy the challenge of learning music in many languages. I also thrive in the outdoors and spend much of my summer down time at a rustic cabin in the Sierras with my life partner and our dog, Acapella.

Gina Rago, MSW

I have worked at San Rafael Kaiser as a Case Manager in Complex Chronic Conditions since 2003. I have a Master’s degree in Social Welfare with a speciality in gerontology and thoroughly enjoy working with my patient population. I work closely with patients and their families to help them plan for the longterm. Some of my duties include helping patient’s navigate the Kaiser system, coordinating community resources, home safety evaluations, working with community partners to ensure patients’ needs are met, arranging caregiver support, and completing Advance Directives and POLST forms. In addition, I co-facilitate a ‘Caring for Loved Ones with Memory Loss’ class in San Rafael.

I became a trainer for Motivating Change in 2004, spending a few years also facilitating the Motivating Change in Groups class. I like working with patients at various levels of readiness and being able to tailor each intervention to the patient’s needs. I enjoy working with groups because I learn from the class participants. Peer group learning is always a fun, exciting process.

My hobbies include cooking, walking, photography, reading, and spending time with my family.

Hope Levy, MA

Hope Levy promotes a strengths-based approach to health education as facilitator of KP health education classes including Healthy Weight, Pre-diabetes and You, Healthier Living with Chronic Conditions and First Steps Advanced Directives. Hope also helps other professionals improve their facilitation skills through Motivating Change in Groups.

In addition to her work at Kaiser, Hope is on the faculty of City College San Francisco’s Encore Learning Program, and is the founder of There’s Always Hope Consulting, specializing in helping develop and deliver customized programs to promote positive aging for communities, organizations and individuals. Hope holds an MA in Gerontology and an MA in Special Education from San Francisco State University.

Junia Chou

“Health is Priority.”

My mother spoke these words to me with a fervor as she lay on the ER hospital bed. Over 10 years later, it still rings distinctly in my ears. I am fortunate to have been propelled into the world of Natural Medicine, diverted (temporarily) from the Education realm – my original passion. And fortunately, my mother recovered from her ailments and has since then shed her role as my guinea pig to become one of the biggest supporters for my life purpose: fusing Healing and Education, empowering self and others thru Holistic Health Education.

I have a private practice making total health a priority in private sessions and classes in the Bay Area and in Asia, and I am a Health Educator for Kaiser Permanente, facilitating Stress Management, Healthy Weight, Insomnia and Anger Management classes. I love what I do and facilitating Motivating Change in Groups for Kaiser is such a sweet honor. The skills learned in trainings can be very meaningful in one’s professional and personal life. It is also an absolute pleasure to be part of a top-notch team, each person heart-centered and committed to the work they do for our KP members on all levels.

If I’m not playing Codenames, Catan, Chinese Chess, or other boardgames with friends and family, you’ll find me blissfully sweating up a storm on the Zumba dance floor.


Kathleen Collins, MA

Kathy Collins has a masters in psychology and first became passionate about MI while working as a case manager for at-risk youth in Contra Costa County. Discovering the power of connecting young people with their own vision and values as the catalyst for behavior change left a lasting impact on how she views her role in another person’s change process. She had the opportunity to further her MI skills while completing the Integrative Health Coach program at Duke University.

Now, in her current role as a Wellness Coach at Kaiser Permanente, Kathy is delighted to continue deepening her practice and looks forward to sharing the magic of Motivating Change with other health care practitioners!


Michael Cox, MS

I currently work with Kaiser Permanente’s Community Benefit Programs. We have often funded (and I have provided) Motivating Change trainings to staff at various community partners sites such as medical centers and community clinics.

It is always new for me! I always seem to learn something in each training. As song goes in “The King & I”, “and by your pupils you’ll be taught.”

Travel is my thrive experience of choice.


Mindy Boccio, MPH

Motivating Change Program Lead

Each time I conduct a workshop, I am so appreciative and enlivened. Teaching Motivating Change gives me the opportunity to share a counseling model that can both support clinicians to enhance change in their clients/patients and increase their satisfaction in their role. I learn something new each time I train thanks to the talented clinicians I meet during each training.

When I’m not working, I spend time running outdoors and playing with my daughter. I love to kick up my feet with a good glass of red wine, listen to jazz and dive into a favorite book.


Nicole Florez, MA

As a Spanish Bilingual Wellness Coach for Kaiser Permanente, I am thrilled to be supporting patients as their partner in making healthy changes. It is an honor to work “in the trenches” with patients and serve as a witness to their empowerment though lifestyle transformation in the areas of healthy eating, physical activity, weight management, stress management, and quitting smoking.

What I love about facilitating Motivating Change is that I get to take what I do daily with patients and share the model with other providers who also impact patient lives. It excites me that sharing this model can have a ripple effect in making others healthier and happier.

What makes me “thrive” is spending time in nature, hosting dinner parties, traveling to foreign locations that involve beaches and balmy weather, moving my body, and giggling with my baby daughter.


Rashel Sanna

As a Senior Consultant in Regional Health Education (RHE), Rashel has been instrumental in the development and implementation of the Wellness Coaching Center in Northern California. She has overseen the expansion of Wellness Coaching Services, including coverage into the Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic States, establishing cross-regional documentation in KPHC. She guides and oversees TPMG’s Clinical Health Educators and Wellness Coaches across the region and provides quality feedback, mentoring and support. Part of her role at Regional Health Education includes consultation and training for communication excellence, motivation and adult behavior change. She is an active instructor for RHE’s behavior change training programs, teaching ancillary and community providers throughout Northern California.

Rashel joined Kaiser Permanente in 1999, as a Clinical Health Educator. Prior to that, in addition to working as a Human Resources Specialist at a Biotech firm, she was an active volunteer for KP teaching classes, leading multiple support groups and providing comfort and education to newly-diagnosed diabetic children and their parents. Rashel has spent the last 16 years advancing her knowledge and experience in behavior change, adult learning theory, communication excellence, consultation and project management. She spends her free time with her husband and children, and finds rest and rejuvenation by reading, coloring, walking her dog and practicing yoga.


Susan Lebe, MS RD

Motivating Change in Groups Program Lead

As a Motivating Change and Motivating Change in Groups trainer, I thoroughly enjoy my role as a behavior change counselor, group facilitator, and trainer. I truly believe that everyone can develop skills and increase their comfort and confidence as behavior change facilitators. And, we can have fun doing that!

I began my career with Kaiser Permanente as a Clinical Nutritionist in the San Francisco Medical Office, followed by working as a Diabetes Care Manager in the Diablo Service Area. Currently, I’m a Senior Consultant in the Regional Health Education Department of TPMG. I’m fortunate to lead the talented Motivating Change in Groups training team. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work with staff and clinicians who promote health education and facilitate behavior change in a variety of Kaiser Permanente settings.

How do I thrive? By spending time with family and friends and laughing. I enjoy cooking with others, sharing a delicious meal, music and the outdoors.


Tim Regan, LCSW

I am a born-and-raised San Franciscan who is committed to the restoration of empathy as a cultural skill everywhere people communicate.  I have been practicing healthy lifestyle counseling with individuals and groups as a Clinical Health Educator at Kaiser Permanente San Francisco since 2005, and leading training in Motivational Interviewing for clinicians at Kaiser Permenente Northern California since 2002.  I am also licensed as a Clinical Social Worker, and I have an independent practice offering healing for relationships between people, and for creating peace within one’s self.  I love working with people from all traditions and cultures, who are seeking a better way of being with eachother and collaborating in the challenging work of our time (the protection and regeneration of all life and the resources that give life).  I am also a Certification Candidate with the Center for Nonviolent Communication. I bring an open, joyful, and deep capacity to accompany each person through their own journey of self-knowledge, acceptance, and action.

Traci Corbett

Bio to come…

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